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We collate, clean, tweak your list to guarantee a precision campaign

Data is the critical base for your business’ success in a direct mail marketing campaign.

At Active Mail, we understand the importance of having a quality database. It is the key to the success of intelligent and targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

A poor database or multiple data sources can lead to:

  • Use of incorrect data
  • Inability to accurately assess the success of the direct mail marketing campaign
  • Too many missing variables rendering the information unusable
  • Duplications increasing your costs
  • Difficulty extracting data, forcing the need for human intervention which increases the risk of error

All this can potentially lead to your campaign becoming a waste of money and a huge disappointment.

Our experience in database cleaning and management is your unique advantage. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. We can ensure you have a tailored and individualised database that successfully and accurately targets your desired audience.

Do you have multiple lists in different formats? Do you have missing data or duplications? Are you not sure what you have, too scared to even look at it?

Don’t worry; Active Mail has got you covered:

  • De-duplication – to ensure cost savings and to reduce customer irritation.
  • Washing of data files to guarantee all information is functional and up to Australia Post requirements
  • Collation of data from multiple sources and merged into one list – giving you one central and clean data repository.
  • Our practices comply with relevant privacy legislation.

Why get frustrated when you can have Active Mail collate your data into one consolidated and functional repository that can be efficiently utilised for multiple purposes.

Ultimately, increasing the reach and effectiveness or your next direct mail marketing campaign.

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