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Fulfilment and distribution are the last legs of your direct mail campaign. It’s grinding and time-consuming work if you don’t have the right equipment or expertise.

If you hire others to complete the task in-house, it can become expensive, especially if you have inexperienced workers on the job. There are so many things you need to consider. Does your campaign comply with the appropriate regulations? Do you know what those regulations are so you can guide the workers?

Wouldn’t your time and energy be better spent doing something else?

Leave the packaging and distribution to the people who have the infrastructure and experience.

At Active Mail, we offer a highly professional, cost-effective, targeted fulfilment, and distribution service that complies with all the regulations. We provide expert advice on what you need to get the best results for your unique job. You will be guided through the decision-making process, so you are happy with the end product and most importantly, don’t waste your money or time.

We pride ourselves on offering a fast-paced service where your campaign is packed and delivered to meet your tight deadline - headache and worry-free.

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