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Guaranteeing your Direct Mail Campaign gets to where it needs to be.

When everything has been collated and packaged – it’s time for your campaign to be delivered.

But it’s not as easy as popping down to the post office to send the packages on their way.

You may be surprised to know there are specific regulations imposed by Australia Post, which will dramatically affect your postage and the costs if overlooked. This oversight could result in your campaign not being delivered or incurring sky-high prices to get it done.

Active Mail is experienced in working within these guidelines to ensure the necessary criteria are met from the beginning.

When the mail is ready to go, Active Mail utilises a network of reliable and reputable couriers and Australia Post to deliver locally, domestically and around the world. This occurs whether your job is a one-off mailing or part of an ongoing direct mail marketing campaign. We will make it happen with the maximum postage discount available.

Active Mail offers fuss-free, professional and expert advice on what you need to get the best results for your specific job. You will be guided through the distribution process, ensuring there are no last-minute surprises or added costs.

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