Bulk mail offers options from Reply Paid to special rates for registered charities.

Amplify your voice

Bulk mail campaigns are an effective and cost-efficient tool for connecting with potential customers and maintaining the loyalty of your existing customer base.

Active Mail is an accredited Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner with 20+ years in the mailing service game. We offer top-tier bulk mailing services that seamlessly distribute your marketing materials to the people you most want to reach, letting your brand's voice resonate and your campaign ROI soar.

Understanding bulk mailing

Bulk mail is an excellent option for campaigns targeting regional, national, or international reach. Tapping into the power of your marketing database, we provide recipients with personalised collaterals that address them by name. It's a flexible, scalable, and highly effective way to connect with new customers or encourage existing customers to return.

The strength of bulk mail stems from its ability to merge efficiency with scale. Rather than simply the process of sending out promotional materials in large quantities, bulk mailing is a strategic approach to targeting a broad audience. Imagine the power of sending a unified message, but with the nuance that makes every recipient feel it's tailored for them.

Leveraging options like Australia Post's Promo Post, Print Post, and postage meter discounts, we ensure that businesses access significant savings over full rate mail. We're not merely fluent in Australia Post mail rates – we're true-blue experts, striving to get you the maximum value for every dollar spent.

We do bulk mail campaigns right

What sets Active Mail apart from other bulk mail service providers? Our experience, connections, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile.

Reach out today to make your next bulk mail campaign smooth, stress-free, and profitable.

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